Executive Functioning Coaching

Boost your executive functioning skills and achieve more with less stress

Executive functioning skills are the mental processes that help you manage your time, tasks, emotions, and goals. They include:

  • Planning: the ability to set realistic and specific objectives, break them down into manageable steps, and monitor your progress.
  • Organizing: the ability to arrange your physical and digital space, materials, and information in a logical and efficient way.
  • Prioritizing: the ability to identify the most important and urgent tasks, focus on them, and delegate or eliminate the rest.
  • Time management: the ability to estimate how long a task will take, schedule it accordingly, and complete it within the deadline.
  • Self-regulation: the ability to control your impulses, emotions, and behaviors, and adapt to changing situations and demands.
  • Problem-solving: the ability to define a problem, generate possible solutions, evaluate their pros and cons, and implement the best one.

These skills are essential for success in life, school and work, as they help you cope with complexity, uncertainty, and stress. They also enhance your productivity, creativity, and satisfaction. During  executive functioning coaching, you will receive personalized and practical coaching sessions that help you improve your executive functioning skills and achieve your goals.

Coaching services include:

With executive functioning coaching, you can expect to:

Executive functioning coaching is available to all ages and stages of life. We offer discounts to students, active-duty military, veterans, and for referrals.

We have a satisfaction guarantee policy that allows you to reschedule any session up to one hour before the session start time without any penalty.

In-person sessions available in select areas. Currently serving the Twin Cities West Metro. 

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